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Future STEM kids will love this Raspberry Pi computer

Don’t want your kids to ruin your MacBook?  They can instead ruin it.

Bring your child a toy just as cleverly.
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You probably don’t want to go home to find your dear child tearing up your MacBook, even in the name of learning. They may discover what a circuit board looks like, but what does it cost?

That’s why you need to nurture your child’s STEM interest in a way that doesn’t overwhelm your electronics. CrowPi2 offers a great starting point for kids who want to have something to do. Plus, it retails for $ 319.99 (regular $ 329).

A Raspberry Pi computer for STEM learning

At its core, the CrowPi2 is a simple tool. It’s a Raspberry Pi, a series of common sensors, a screen and a wireless keyboard. They’re just simple features, but in practice, CrowPi2 can open up a whole world for your people who have just entered STEM.

The CrowPi2 is like a laptop, but it has a lot more under the hood. CrowPi2 can play Minecraft, among other games, but there’s more under the keyboard. It can detect light levels, and you can set up facial and speech recognition or use it to engineer new electronic projects.

What’s more, you can make circuits or make a functional piano from fruit. That’s a new way to listen to Apple Music.

All sensors can operate independently or connect to the Raspberry Pi for fun projects. There is no limit to what CrowPi2 can do. In fact, people have done some amazing things using the Raspberry Pi platform. If you have little coding knowledge or want to learn with someone, you can do anything you and your new STEM student dream of.

“The grandson was immediately able to play Minecraft. And the next day he used the coding to create a sequential animation, ”wrote an Amazon researcher.

Save to CrowPi2

Start someone’s STEM education by showing them a computer that is intended to be retrieved and returned. Get the CrowPi2 All-in-1 Raspberry Pi & STEM Learning Platform which retails for $ 319.99 (regular $ 329).

Prices are subject to change.

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