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Windows 11 will now tell if your computer is DirectStorage capable.

Windows 11 will now tell if your computer is capable of DirectStorage.

DirectStorage can modify video games as we know them, with a second load time and many open worlds. Microsoft estimates that the technology can reduce CPU resource usage by 20% to 40%. Forspoken, which arrives in October, is the first game to take advantage of this technology.

DirectStorage technology promises to improve game load times and open up new scenes. Microsoft has developed a program for Windows 11 that determines if your system is compatible with this technology. The Xbox Game Bar will support PC DirectStorage. It shows if it supports the DirectX 12 Ultimate API, HDR, and Auto HDR in the options menu and is ready to use this technology.

Thanks to a new beta of the Microsoft Game Bar function in Windows 11, you can find out when your system is ready for DirectStorage (opens in a new tab). You can check if your system is ready for DirectX 12 Ultimate on the Game Features tab in the settings menu. You can also enable HDR and Auto HDR without visiting multiple Windows setting pages, and your system’s readiness for the upcoming DirectStorage feature is now shown.

This is possible in Windows 11, but the update makes it faster. If a requirement is not met, the system recommends alternatives to make DirectStorage compliant. Only Windows Insiders who download the Xbox Insider Hub from the Windows Store will see this option. DirectStorage can deliver video games within a second of loading time. To operate, DirectStorage requires an NVMe SSD. Microsoft’s new application examines each storage partition separately to decide what works best and what doesn’t follow the format.

The company expects the approach to reduce CPU usage by 20% to 40% and improve game performance. Forspoken is the first game to use this technology with sub-second loading screens.

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