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ACO-6000-CML In-Vehicle Computers now support Intel® 10th Generation CML-S (Comet Lake S) and Xeon® W processors. The CAN Bus chip is inserted into the motherboard and provides access to the two -channel, two -pin CAN Bus protocol. This feature allows the computer to access vehicle telematics data and provide real-time analytics for intelligent transportation systems, fleet management, process analysis, and system optimization. Premio’s I/O bracket for modular I/O daughterboards supports up to x16 additional LAN & PoE on wired RJ45/M12 connectors, x16 USB 3.1 gen 2 ports, x4 10GbE on RJ45 connectors, and even a 5G ready module for low-latency wireless connectivity along the way. The ACO-6000-CML In-Vehicle Computer can process data influx and make critical decisions in real time with its performance-based features.

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Contact: Award, Inc.
: City of Industry, CA, USA
Product: ACO-6000-CML In-Vehicle Computers
Main features: Support for 10th Generation CML-S (Comet Lake S) and Xeon® W processors; EN 50155 certification; temperature range from -25 ° C to +70 ° C.

According to Premio, Inc:
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