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Pocket Computer Reminds Us Of PDAs

Before smartphones exploded on the scene in the late 00s, there was still a reasonable need for pocket-sized computers that could perform relatively simple computing tasks. Palm Pilots and other PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) were all the rage in the ’90s and early’ 00s, although for cutting-edge technology from that time many of these devices had astronomical tags. at the price. This Arduino -based PDA listens back to that era, though with a much quicker list of features.

The build is based around an Arudino Nano that has an OLED screen and has five essential functions for a PDA: calculator, stopwatch, games, phonebook, and a calendar. With all of these components in such a small microcontroller, memory quickly becomes an issue when using default libraries. [Danko] uses its own custom libraries to make the most of the memory available all available on the project’s GitHub page. The construction also includes a custom PCB to keep the entire pocket computer pocket-sized.

There are other features wrapped up in this small build as well, such as the breakout game that can be played using a potentiometer. It’s an impressive build that makes as much use of the microcontroller’s capabilities as possible, and if you enjoy projects where a microcontroller is used as if it were a PC check out this Arduino build with its own command-line interface.

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