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Why invest in computer glasses – CONAN Daily

Do your eyes burn after staying in front of the laptop for long hours at work? Are they tired and do your eyes water every morning after you wake up?

Blue light rays from laptops and computer screens can make your eyes feel tired, dry, irritated and may even turn red. It causes severe migraines, headaches, fatigue and sometimes severe eye damage.


Defining blue light

Blue light from the sun is often associated with alertness and helps us wake up early in the morning. The blue light that comes naturally often helps to improve our mood, makes us feel more awake and also increases brain activity. However, blue light from sources such as computers, laptops, LED lights, smartphones and refrigerators can be harmful because it causes migraines, headaches, and fatigue.

If you are exposed to artificial blue light for a long time, it can put your health and eyes at risk. It can cause dry eyes, can dehydrate you, and in some cases, you can feel weak and affect your ability to focus and think.

Exposure to blue light during the night will cause your body to struggle to make melatonin, a hormone responsible for making your body fall asleep. Nowadays, people’s lives revolve around technology; you’re surrounded by smartphones, TVs, lights, and appliances, and it’s impossible for one to do without them. Just as they are essential to making daily life convenient, artificial blue light can be harmful to the human body, especially the eyes.

In today’s world, instead of being physically active, children continue to enjoy TVs and play mobile and video games, and this can be detrimental to their health. Exposure to blue light often leads to excessive weight gain, anxiety, and also depression.

What is blue light filter eyewear?

Blue light filter oval glass, often referred to as computer glasses, do not provide the benefit of correcting your vision; instead, it’s a protective cover that protects your vision from artificial blue light. They comfort you from eye irritation. They just look like normal glasses but work unbelievably by filtering out the blue light so you can do all your tasks without tiring your eyes.

Computer glasses reduce blue light between wavelengths of 400-490nm and protect your eyes from eye injuries and blurred vision. If there is no color distortion in your lens, blue light filter glasses are great for someone who spends time in front of their gadgets because of their professional work, educational needs, and personal work.

Benefits of going with computer glasses

  • Reduce Blue Light: Blue light filtering eyewear will not only protect your eyes from artificial blue light emitted from laptops and smartphones but also the LED lights and fluorescents used in your workspace and home. Computer glasses help maintain natural color contrast but block harmful rays from any screen.
  • Reduces the Chances of Eye Strain: This type of eyewear ensures that your eyes stay healthy for a long time and that you enjoy perfect vision. You no longer have to squeeze or squint to see your computer screen. Blink when trying to adjust screen brightness; these lenses cut off radiation, reducing the chance of macular degeneration.

Not using blue light filtering glasses, you will notice symptoms of digital eye strain- eye fatigue, irritation, dry eyes. With computer glasses, you can look at your digital screen without any eye irritation.

  • Shortened Light: The glare often makes it impossible to see the screen; In that case, you need to add more light, put more blue light in your eyes and damage. Computer glasses help cut out the glare so your eyes don’t widen with increasing light.
  • Increases Productivity: Computer glasses can reduce the chance of migraine and headaches. It will allow you to work comfortably on your computer or mobile screen for many hours. These lenses also help increase accuracy along with productivity.

These are some of the benefits of computer glasses that are hard to forget. Make sure your glasses have an anti-reflective, anti-glare and blue light coating so you can enjoy working comfortably for many hours without tiring your eyes. Do the right thing for your eyes and say goodbye to fatigue and eye fatigue by maintaining quality blue light blocking glasses or computer glasses.

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