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University of Windsor experiencing computer systems outage

The University of Windsor is facing a system outage that has shut down several online school platforms in the past three days.

Staff are working to restore an “unexpected but significant and long-term” loss to the system that began Monday, according to the University.

The outage took over UWindsor’s main website, Blackboard Learning Management System, UWinsite Student and campus Wifi.

In a tweet, the University said “IT is now working to resolve this issue. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience.”

Even during the week of reading, some students felt left in the dark.

“I was just sad most of all,” said Matthew Brady, a first -year mechanical engineering student.

He tried to access the site all week but like others, was unsuccessful.

“I’m trying to study for my chemistry midterm next Tuesday, but I can’t access the site, I can’t see all the practice questions (which my professor has) posted so I can’t do anything for that . class, ”Brady said.

Students took to Twitter to express their anger.

“Is there an update on this?” Ryan McLaughlin asked. “Many of us have assignments, and important materials that we need for classes to be completed this week. We have not yet received an email responding to this. ”

Another student, Santiago Estrada, tweeted: “Mid-term dates need to be reconsidered because we don’t yet have access to class materials!”

Mike Krech earned additional teaching qualifications after recently completing his Bachelor of Education.

“It looks so amazing,” Krech said. “It’s every university site except email. You can’t really access anything, so you’re kind of stuck in the water without a paddle.”

Krech said he understands the technology issues that will arise but he does not want it to affect his education.

“I don’t want a week in my course and nothing done,” he said. “It was a headache at that point, didn’t it? You don’t want to be in the back. ”

An update from the university says the school has recently “been subjected to a cyber security incident” that affected its IT systems.

“Once we became aware of the incident, we immediately took steps to secure our systems and minimize the impact on data and operations,” the university said in a tweet.

Currently, IT support directs users to a faculty, staff and student support webpage, which can be found at

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